Prepared Meals 2-Week Subscription ($8.99 per serving)

Try foods by Divine Diets for 2 weeks! You will be given 42 prepared meals with various dishes for 14 days. That’s only $8.99 per serving! Enjoy the freshest ingredients and meals designed just for you, from nutritional content to flavor, using only local, in-season and organic foods. There’s no need to sacrifice flavor when you are on the go.   

A spice blend, a sauce, a chutney, a juice, and a snack tailored just for you, will put your body+mind+spirit in the right balance for your day.  

Our meals, snacks and juices, are designed to be interchangeable to accommodate full families, working groups, fitness clubs and more. Our meals are prepared daily, and sent to your home in oven-ready containers.  Enjoy them all cold or hot, and then recycle or compost the containers.

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