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Ayurvedic Food Categories

In Ayurveda, food is considered the source that determines the physical, emotional, spiritual and social health of an individual. Without healthy and nutritious food, a person’s overall well-being will deteriorate and eventually cease to exist. Across the world, including the US, millions of people have been struggling to battle diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and obesity. Poor eating habits, a stressful lifestyle, the lack of … Read More Ayurvedic Food Categories

Menopause and Ayurveda

Menopause is often seen as a burden and is viewed on a very negative level in the West. However, Ayurveda has the opposite outlook and addresses menopause as the chapter of life to be celebrated, since it is the beginning of a mature outlook in life. It is not seen as a disease in Ayurveda. The symptoms of menopause can vary depending on the … Read More Menopause and Ayurveda

Lifestyle Tips from Ayurveda

Set a time where you can sit and eat your food in peace without any distractions. If possible, always try to eat with other people. Eat at the same time every single day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and practice timed meal management. Eat a light breakfast, heavy lunch and light dinner. Eat fruits by themselves between meals, preferably as snacks. Sleep at no … Read More Lifestyle Tips from Ayurveda

The Beginning!

Welcome to my blog post! This is the first blog post on behalf of Divine Diets! A little over two decades ago, I became interested in nutrition, after a former college classmate detailed her first experience in taking a nutrition class. Upon obtaining a positive impression, I went ahead and enrolled in nutrition, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions … Read More The Beginning!