The Beginning!

Welcome to my blog post! This is the first blog post on behalf of Divine Diets!

A little over two decades ago, I became interested in nutrition, after a former college classmate detailed her first experience in taking a nutrition class. Upon obtaining a positive impression, I went ahead and enrolled in nutrition, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I eventually became a teaching assistant and also discovered my passion for teaching. Within the world of nutrition, I have nearly 18 years of experience as a nutrition professional and have dabbled into projects from international development, public health, clinical nutrition, and wellness.

I came upon Ayurveda when I went abroad to India to study on a foreign exchange student program. Although I got a few books on it, I did not undertake serious study until later in my career. I am particularly fascinated with the overall aspect of focusing on the holistic lifestyle as a whole. Although I did not have any current ailments, my family has a number of people who have been affected by heart disease. While genetics, being of South Asian origin, and family history play a role, the lifestyle of a person makes a true difference in terms of survival. This includes a healthy diet, frequent and vigorous exercise, good stress management, undisturbed sleep, and an overall positive and happy outlook.

Enjoy and experience the joy of Ayurveda on this blog on behalf of Divine Diets!