Prepared Meals

Enjoy the freshest ingredients, made just for you.  Meals designed just for you, from nutritional content to flavor, using only local, in-season and organic foods.

There’s no need to sacrifice flavor when you are on the go.  Our meals are prepared daily, and sent to your pick-up location in oven-ready containers.  Enjoy them all cold or hot, and then recycle or compost the containers.


The right balance of energy for the right times, just for you.  Choose from our Ayurvedically formulated and chef created plates, work with us directly, or get us in touch with your fitness or medically professional to select the right combination for you.

PITTA Meals: Playing with Fire

  • Eat Power: Go Win It.  Pitta Intensifying, Strong Tejas. 
  • Get Active: Climb the Mountain.  Pitta Accentuating, Ojas Increasing.
  • Be Easy: Cool and Calm. Pitta Balancing, Prana Increasing. 


VATA Meals: Creativity Thriving

  • Eat Light: Sit On the Clouds. Vata Intensifying, Strong Prana.
  • Get Focused: Work for it.  Vata Accentuating, Tejas Increasing.
  • Be Grounded: Ideas Take Root.  Vata Balancing, Ojas Increasing.


KAPHA Meals: Balancing Movement

  • Eat Rich: Indulge Yourself.  Kapha Intensifying, Strong Ojas.
  • Get Rested: Recharge your Batteries. Kapha, Accentuating, Prana Increasing.
  • Be Spicy: Turn up the Heat OR Be Energized: Get Up Get Active. Kapha Balancing, Tejas Increasing.