Aim for Vicara

Our philosophy is Vicara– the efficient movement of one’s inner intelligence.  Ayurveda teaches us that our bodies know how to heal themselves– we just needs the proper fuel!  Rich foods for when it’s time to relax, light foods for when we need to be on the go, hi-performance foods for when we need to be active. The right foods to help us heal, be strong, and stay balanced.

Understanding your prakriti is an integral step to achieving holistic health. Your prakriti is your individual combination of three energies inside your body: prana (vata energy), ojas (kapha energy), and tejas (pitta energy). These energies accumulate in the body, and can form imbalanced states similar to diseased states called the Doshas: pitta, vata, and kapha. You can create a balanced and healthful body by using the Doshas as tools that allow you to find your healthy state.

Fill out our QUESTIONNAIRE and take our DOSHA QUIZ, and we work with you to design a custom plan just for you.

Take control of your diet, your health, your schedule and your kitchen!  Never let your health play second to your busy life: find the plan that works for you, and never compromise taste, nutrition, or your energy because of time and your cooking skills!


A Meal Plan for Your Needs- Fully Individualized Nutrition

  • Weight Loss
  • Diabetes
  • Athletic Training
  • Pregnant/Nursing Mothers
  • Hypertension and High Cholesterol
  • Gluten-Free and other Allergy management

Balance the Fire Within

Toxins that block a person from achieving inner harmony are known as ama. Physically, ama is undigested, or improperly digested, food products. Many people also have emotional ama, or unreleased emotional tension. Signs of ama include poor circulation, joint pain, apathy, and a lack of mental clarity. Living a healthy, purposeful, life will help a person digest ama. We can also eliminate ama by building agni. This is the fire in our bellies that helps us digest food and the fire at the core of the passion in our lives.

Some people handle spice better than others, and some people add sweet to everything they eat.  All of these choices that we think are about flavor also reflect the strength of our agni digestion, and that has an effect on our overall health and happiness.  Indigestion feels crummy, feeling sluggish all day doesn’t let us peform our best for work, friends, or family.

Get started today!  Take the Dosha Type Quiz to find out more about you: Divine Diets Dosha Quiz and then fill out our Intake Questionnaire.  We will follow up with your information and to schedule a personal consultation!

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