On Saturday, September 14, Divine Diets was invited to participate in the Health and Wellness Expo at Mount Jezreal Baptist Church in Silver Spring, Maryland. Divine Diets partnered with Green Eating (Ellicott City, MD) headed by Chef Akemi Parker and had the opportunity to present its work and services to the public. Over a 100 people attended. Divine Diets is very grateful to organizers from Mount Jezereal Baptist Church and Chef Akemi for joint participation and organization of the Wellness Expo.  

On Saturday, September 21, Wild Ginger Herbal Center of Bryans Road, Maryland, invited Divine Diets to cater dinner to the participants of annual Chesapeake Herbal Gathering. Founder Molly Meehan and I met back in 2018, where I had the opportunity to give a lecture on Integrative Nutrition and introduced the concepts of Ayurveda to the audience. Molly and I kept in touch. Eventually, she requested Divine Diets to serve food for dinner to the participants. In partnering with Chef Akemi Parker with Green Eating, 80 people were served a delicious menu of an appetizer, kale-walnut salad, an entrée, grilled eggplant sandwich, and a rice pudding for dessert. Judging from the opinions of the participants, Divine Diets received a lot of rave reviews, and were very thankful to Chef Akemi’s creativity and talents. We are very grateful to the Wild Ginger Herbal Center and hope to work with them again in the future.

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