I had the opportunity to travel to Goa, India, where my husband’s family is originally from. We stayed the home of my husband (Sunil) uncle’s place in the village of Quepem, which is located on the outskirts of the city of Margao. This home is surrounded by a vegetable farm. Sunil’s uncle, C.K. Desai has a background in agriculture, and acquired a bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences. Mr. Desai raised his family amidst vegetable farm where my mother-in-law and her siblings also grew up. Away from the bustle and fast-paced city, experiencing life in a rural Indian village is a real treat. Goa’s hot and humid climate, combined with cool evenings year around has provided suitable environment for growing several crops. Among the crops that are grown and sold on the farm are naseberry fruit, all spice, nutmeg, clove, cardamom, black pepper, papaya, banana, betel nut, coconut and palm trees. Ayurveda describes the health benefits of partaking and consuming the spices and fruits mentioned above. For more information, please contact the Mr. Desai below:

Mudeshwar Nursery and Garden

C.K. Desai, Owner and Agriculture Consultant

House No. 23, Cusman

Quepem, Goa 403705

Mobile: +91 99218 28585

We wish you Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year 2020!

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