Menopause is often seen as a burden and is viewed on a very negative level in the West. However, Ayurveda has the opposite outlook and addresses menopause as the chapter of life to be celebrated, since it is the beginning of a mature outlook in life. It is not seen as a disease in Ayurveda. The symptoms of menopause can vary depending on the type of dosha of the woman – vata, pitta, or kapha.

Some pointers can help to facilitate menopausal symptoms and reduce weight gain:

•Reduce portion sizes of food overall at mealtimes

•Light breakfast and dinner, with heavy lunch (main meal of the day)

•Timings of meals: Breakfast at 7-8am, Lunch at 11:30-1pm, Dinner at 5-6pm

•No snacking or grazing between meals

•Reduce overall stress levels and practice good stress management

•Do 15 minutes walking after each meal or light exercise

•Sleep at least 7-8 hours per night

•Avoid eating all food after 6pm

•Eat a plant-based diet overall – whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, etc.

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